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- Kyoto -

kyoo is a famouus sightseeing spot in japan experience the traditional culture and history area it takesninety minutes by train yasakanotou10


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my hotel

to walk about 1 minute
Nankai kouya LINE kawachinagano station for nanba nankai kouya LINE go to the shin-imamiya station the fare is 480yen

nankai kouya LINE

(for nanba)

about 22 minutes

nankai LINE・JR LINEshin-imamiya station change to the JR OSAKALOOP LINE go to the kyoto the fare is 920yen

JR osaka loop line

( (bentencyou nishikujyou osaka)

about 20 minutes

JR osaka station change to the JR kobe LINE

JR kyoto LINE

(for shin-osaka takatsuki kyoto)

about 30 minutes

kyoto station arriving in kyoto please enjoy sightseeing